Sunday, December 30, 2012


Somehow, I am now some kind of empty...after long illness of my kids, that are slowly getting better, I just do not feel like doing anything more than being with them and then, when they sleep just sitting on my couch, knitting and watching some film. Not all of our problems are gone, we have a very important medical test in a few days and I am really worring about it...But it comes...the end of the year comes and it would be nice to make a small summary, wouldn't it. And then I have found this by Geshe I am! With my little summary of the passing year.

Dear 2012,

your last days have come. I let you go with mixed feelings. But before all memories are fading within the soup of the last decades I want to seize the hour and spend it with you, dear 2012.

When I will think about you in ten years time, this is what will come to my mind first thing: 

This was the year when we left our old flat, nice flat actually, but the flat where we did not feel well. We have moved, and it was the best thing we could do! Sorry only, that we have not done it much could be avoid then...

You did really well:

to help us get well.

I will be forever grateful for this:

My family is getting better, the things are getting better, I have hope that it is all gonna be better!

The month of August really was quite something. Because: thats when we started our new life!

You really exaggerated with:

All that sickness around Christmas, AGAIN!

That was definatly unnecessary:

Sickness in winter and illness in summer!

I will never forgive you:

Hmmm...I am not the one who remembers things like that.

I still wanted to let you know:

Thanks for the chance to make everything better.

Can you please talk to 2013 about:

Not changing anything, because it is just like it always should have been!

I am remaining with hopefullness and gratefullness,

yours Marta

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