Friday, October 11, 2013


I am not able to write here as oft as I would like to. I have not been doing it in the last moths...the truth is: I have no time, or I have no power. I work now. I have started to work again, my both kids are now in kindergarten and I had to do something too. It was not easy for me, I had to make many difficult decisions, I had to change my plans many times, I had to sacrifice some dreams it was not easy...

but here I am, in my job, as a teacher...something I never wanted to do actually, seems to be my way, because I like it, I really do. It is really difficult, because I never did it before and I studied in another country and I have no expierience and I....but I have great people around me, they are so nice, so helpful, so...I feel blessed! I like what I do...

Slowly we all are getting used to our new situation....slowly...but we need time, I need time....and in this moment I do not need my virtual world so much...I need my life here, I need to be strong for my days here, in my real world. There are so many new things I have to learn, so many new people, it is nice, difficult sometimes and I feel tired very oft. I have not enough time to make photos because I have to live that few moments I have with my family, I have to taste them with all my sinns...and I do it, I really do...and I am happy...really, really happy!


  1. Wow! Lucky you!
    What kind of a teacher? If i'm allowed to ask...

    1. Jestem nauczycielka szkoly specjalnej (Förderschule). Kilka godzin normalnie w szkole (I klasa) i reszta w BFZ - Beratung- und Förderzentrum z dziecmi integracyjnymi w Hauptschule. :)