Sunday, June 10, 2012


It is so funny..I have just read a new post by Frau Kirschkernzeit and my first thought was....She wrote my post! Because there is simply not much to add...long weekend at home, with my family, just there, doing nothing, but doing so much, just us....just like I love it!


~ some cooking...and again Frau Kirschkernzeit and her wonderful was so good that I had no chance to made a photo of it...sorry!
~ sitting with my daughter in the kitchen...crafting...painting...talking...
~ watching my husband working...
~ our project...something we are working on for months...becoming some colour...
~ crafting...sewing...
~ admiring my daughters new dresses...that are about 40 years old....
~ some baking
~ some painting
~ some housewife job...

~ looking at the street...
~ wearing things we like...even if they do not really match...


  1. I love your photos, especially the ones of the little hand and all the little feet/shoes. I'm glad it was a lovely weekend for you!
    Ronnie xo

  2. Ach, HERRLICHE Fotos von einem herrlichen Wochen-Ende! Ist dich schön, wenn Frauenleben sich manchmal so sehr ähneln, oder? ;-) Besonders in den guten Parts!
    herzlich; Bora
    PS. Ist das eines der süssen, alten Kinderkleidchen, von denen du mir neulich geschrieben hast? Wirklich ZUCKER!

    1. Ja das ist eine von denen. Ist sie nicht süß? Und dazu noch so alt...unglaublich!

  3. matching is overrated ;-) i think the little ensemble is adorable!

    sounds like a lovely and productive weekend!

  4. The last photo is just so cute! My daughter (22) says "clothes do not have to match, they have to go" so true!!