Tuesday, February 19, 2013

something really important

I have just written my post about not forgeting last week when I realised....I DID forgot the last year! I DID forgot that it was for a few days (a year and few days) that I started to write my blog! It is over a year now. It is quite a lot of time, many posts, many thoughts, many doubts and hopes. It is almost every day when I think I should quit - because there is nobody who reads what I write, but....Am I really doing it for anybody out there???? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE???? I know you are there and I know that I need You, it feels so good to be here and I can be here whenever I want and only when I want it. It is all my decision, there is no term, no deadlines. I am a boss, it is my space, my world, I can do with it what I want. And for now....I want to stay, I want to exist here, I want to create this little world of mine here. And it makes me really happy to welcome you here! Feel comfortable to join me in my crazy little world. I love you, I love my world, I love my life....I feel good, so good to be alive!


  1. It is your space mama, to journal and record as you feel, embrace it for that you will enjoy looking back in years to come it can be so therapeutic going back through old posts and seeing how you articulated at any one point, how you've grown and learnt and I think for your children too - it is like a time capsule, magic they will un-earth one day. Much love and light X X X

  2. Po tym wyznaniu poczułam się jak w walentynki ;) Gratuluję roczku!
    Pamiętam to, bo Twój blog był jednym z pierwszych, na które trafiłam po moim starcie :) A odnośnie prowadzenia bloga - chyba każdego nachodzą podobne myśli, ale najważniejsze, to robić to, co nas uszczęśliwia :)
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko,

  3. I have enjoyed following your journey in parenthood thus far, Marta. You have a good soul. I hope you won't quit this space!

  4. Du weißt ja, mir geht es genau so gell :-) Immer wieder...
    Alles Liebe, Gesche

  5. Thank You all very much for beinig here. I hope you will still enyoy it. Lots of love to you!