Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autumn for Spring

That was the nicest embroidery I have ever made. I just could not stop doing it until it was ready and I felt so sad that it is all over. I love it so much, I could not make any pillow cover out of it. It has to hang on the wall, my Mum's wall. She is coming to visit us in about ten days, we are going to spend Easter together and then is her Birthday... a very sad and difficult day for all of us. And that is going to be my gift for her.
Made with love and out of love.

With big THANKS to Dinny Ristinia


  1. Wunderschön dieses Blätterbild! Wie lange hast du da wohl gestickt? Ein richtiges Kunstwerk!!
    Alles Liebe. maria

  2. That is very neat and lovely! I bet your Mom will be extremely happy to receive this piece!
    And thanks for the mention... I'm glad I could help. You are very welcome :)
    My warm regards to your family & Mum.

    Smiles & hugs,

  3. Oh wie schön Marta. So viel Arbeit. Aber mit dem Gedanken an deine Mutter und diesen schlimmen Tag, war es bestiimmt genau richtig.