Monday, March 11, 2013

small wonders: weekend

My happiness is made of small things happiness is my new happiness that I missed so happiness that came happiness that I enjoy and value so much...
my happiness - my small wonders....

It was not an easy weekend. Very rainy, cloudy, alone with two angry kids at home. I did feel well, so it was all very difficult, but...
~ I do love my new erarrings-picture
~ I like this nice hat
~ I needed to have this senstence for my eyes all the time
~ I had to wear more colourful clothes
~ I am happy to have this new/old carpet in my lliving room
~ I cooked something easy, healthy and we ate it all
~ I enyoed going for a walk every single minute without rain
~ I am proud of my new sewing project
~ I cannot have enough of sleeping babies
~ I do really feel blessed to be able to feel that way


  1. i think you have a great perspective. sometime life is really rocky but it's the little things that make it beautiful and amazing in the midst of it all.

  2. Sweet babies! I love your framed words...all we need is less. My how that can be applied to so very much of life and how we feel in it!