Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let us start!!!!

It took me a very long time to decide what kind of blog do I want to write! is not true. I knew what I want to write, but...There are many different blogs, some of them are about photography, cooking, babies, knitting, sewing etc etc....And I want to write about all of it! I just want to write about my life! OUR life! Is it any kind of special life? Hmm...Yes and No! It is just our life and yes, to me it is very special, it is funny, it is interesting but sometimes just normal...but never, never boring!
The other big problem I had was to decide what language do I want to write in. Actually I should write in polish - my mother language, but....I have no polish keyboard and it would be silly in many moments to write without polish letters. The other possibility was to write German - because I live in Germany....but....hmmm....I am still not sure if I am not going to change to German, but...for the beginning I decided to write English. I used to speak English very well but now....I have not used it for years and I am sure I am going to make maaaaaaaaany mistakes but it is also a good possibility to practise, to learn. And if I write English then maybe more people will read me..maybe....

So, for the very good beginning: WELCOME!

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