Sunday, February 19, 2012


Many things happened...we did a lot...we were together...we spent time shopping - for the first time of my life maybe I loved it!!!! Thank you Deerberg! Sooo many things were just perfect, but....I could not buy everything  but...I bought two things I dreamed about for suuuuch a long time! I will show you them later ;)

A big post came on Friday and brought....BICYCKLE!!!!! From Grandma!

 We have tried on some carnival clothes...

Bicycles were on tour!

We had quests from Poland...veeeery nice. And  two little people came with them.

We have found many.....Schneeglöckchen !

And of course one of them we took home!

And at the end....we have eaten the cake rests and...I made some pants! It is my first real thing to wear - I have started to sew just about...2 Months ago, but my veeeeery old sewing maschine is so nice and did it for me. Thank you Prudent Baby for all your Ideas! Now I really thing I can also do it....the next will be some skirt or dress for my little princess :)

I just love weekend like this...I really feel blessed with what I have!

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    Schau mal hier, da ist auch die Anleitung für die Shalom-Cardigan zu finden.

    Danke für deinen Besuch bei mir :)
    Liebe Grüße. maria