Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Waldorf Kids en route

Some thoughts came after being in K. in some administrative office to get some documentation  and spending 2 hours in waiting room with many other people and families. 

It is really....hmmm...interesting? funny? astonishingly? frightening?  when we are on the way.We feel so strange and I suppose many people thinks we are strange...

Are we really so much different? Why....?
maybe because:
~ our children are wearing woollen sweaters, pullovers, hats, socks, trousers etc.
~ our children are holding their wooden cars,  rag dolls etc.
~ our children are having some apples, nuts, raisins etc. for a snack
~ our children DO not have any Game Boy or something like that in their hands
~ our children are sitting with us and reading books, talking, playing, laughing
~ our children are interested at other people, they want to talk, explain, they are asking, are open and friendly....

What is it exactly that makes us feel so far away from the most of the people. At home in our village we feel normal - here are all the kids like that. Here nobody looks strange at me when I am knitting at the playground, when I explain I do not eat meat, I wash with nuts, I use home-made cleaning agent, I rather ride my bike than my car, I prefer homoeopathy etc. etc. Here we all do this that way....ok, maybe not all but almost. And we prefer to buy organic, fair.... that is what we do. And nobody finds it strange!

And really, dear rest of the world, I am proud of who I am, I really am. I made a long way to become who I am, I like my life, I like the way we live, I like my world and NO, I am not going to change only because you are looking at me and thinking that I am strange! I am not strange, but maybe I am....and if I am....I do not care! I want to be strange, strange is cool!!!!


  1. I know how you feel!
    I so often think it is funny how we don't fit in with the other people, but I wouldn't change it.
    Your village sounds wonderful, by the way.

    1. Thanks God, there is somebody who understands me! Yes, our village is in many things really wonderful. Because our Lebensgemeinschaft is placed here and many of us also lives here, it is some kind of a waldorf/steiner/ anthroposophie village! It is a nice place but it may be sometimes difficult to live near your work.

  2. When I read your words about that village I knew it had to be some kid of anthroposophic Community or Camphill. I spend a year in a Camphill in Ireland some years back and it felt so familiar what you said :-)
    I am missing that time a lot lately and thoughts about going back there with my family have crossed my mind more often. I can't wait to read more about your life in your blog! :-)

    1. Danke Dir! Ja, es ist anthroposophisches Einrichtung. Es liegt im Herzen des Dorfes und beeinflusst das Leben hier total! Es ist ein schönes Platz zum leben!