Sunday, February 26, 2012


It was a veeeeeeeeeeeery nice weekend! The weather was soooooooooooo nice! I loved the time we spent together. I am so grateful for all that wonderful moments we are blessed with. Sometimes I just don't have enough, I would like to stop the time, to stay right here and savour this particular moment. And it hurts really to see the sun going down and to know that the day is going to the end. But on the other hand.... the new day is going to come! Oh, yes, it is!

But it is also so nice to sit down, drink some good tee and read a great book, isn't it.

I wish you all weekends like that! I feel really blessed....I think I really need to explain you something about happiness....


  1. Oh Marta, what a wonderful life you and your family live.

  2. Pięknie! Widzę,że weekend pracowity - i te wiosenne porządki...:)

  3. Wundervoll! Bei euch ist ja richtig Frühling schon spürbar... wie schön!
    Liebe Grüße. maria