Sunday, April 15, 2012

I' m back!

Everything has its end....unfortunately also the best holidays... is time to relive a little bit by seeing all the photos....

There were many moments of marvelling how travelling, meeting people, new situation changes our children. I am so sure they grown up much more in those 2 weeks than in months when we are at home.

There were wonderful, peaceful, happy Easter-days with family.

There was a wonderful weather and nature and places we really loved.

There was also some time only for mum and dad.

A lot of happiness was there....a lot of sadness is now....because we are so far away from those who we love...

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  1. Wie schön, dass ihr zurück seid, also für mich ;-) Ich freue mich, dass ihr so eine schöne Zeit hattet, ward ihr in Polen? So viel Schnee im April...