Monday, April 30, 2012

this day

Today I have to really think about everything I am grateful for....and today it is a very special kind of thinking, real thinking, big thinking....

I am grateful for...
a chance to live
two people who gave me life, helped me to grow up, to become who I am...
the last thirty-two years...
being here, coming here, becoming me
what I can, what I do, what I am
him felling in love with me
his patience
his strongest
his ability of living with me
our children, our most beautiful daughter, our most wonderful son
our home
every sunny day
every rainy, cloudy day
him wanting me to recover, to be healthy and strong
him trying to help me, trying to show me the way to recover
him being with me in the most difficult moments
staying here, not leaving
finding my way back to life
finding enough power to recover
finding bright sides of life
wanting to live
every single day that is waiting for me
my friends, my new friends, friends I am trying to find, friends I am going to find
every single conversation I make with other people
my life, every single day of it, every small wonder on my way, every moment I have

It is a day when I can feel again how wonderful life could be....and I hope to forget how it was to be unable to feel grateful for anything...


  1. Liebe Marta, hast du heute Geburtstag? Hört sich ein bisschen so an. Falls ja, ich gratuliere von Herzen! Ich hoffe, die Krankheit von der du sprichst ist überwunden. Ich freue mich sehr, dass du eine so wunderbare starke Familie hast, die dir so viel Kraft gibt und dich trägt.

    1. Hmmm, ja! Danke sehr! Ja ich hoffe auch das es schon vorbei ist...ob ich nächstes mal wieder eine Chance kriegen würde...? Jetzt bin ich einfach glücklich mit hier und jetzt, und das tut einfach gut!

  2. Completely so so got me after your very first two lines! It is so good to be have the chance to live and make it be what we want to see in it. I so needed a lot of what you wrote in your post here. Thank you.