Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the way home

I have just realized that I do never write anything that would match to the title of my blog. We are polish and we live in Germany but I actually don't write anything special that happens to us here. Maybe because it is not very different, the life we have here from the one we would have there. But that is something I cannot know....I never really lived on my own in Poland. Or maybe because our life is just how it is wherever we are...I am not sure about it all....but now, after we came back from our wonderful holidays with our families, I can see it very clearly....something that makes our life different...the distance....

It is now, when we have children, so difficult to come back home....first days are so sad, so unsure...we do not feel like home, we do not feel safe...first days are full of questions, doubts...is it really good that we are here, should we rather be there...it was never easy to leave Poland behind but now it is even more difficult. I want my children to be able to spend their time with their grandparents, cousins, aunts etc. But we are so far away...our life is here, not there...I know they all do understand it, but....it is just so difficult to arrive home... 

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  1. Ich glaube, wenn man in einem anderen Land wohnt, wird es immer eine Umstellung sein, wieder in die "alte Heimat" zu kommen. Ich glaube, viel kann man den Kindern auch durch die Sprache, die Bücher und Lieder mitgeben von ihren Wurzeln. Unsere Kinder sehen die Verwandten in der Heimat meines Mannes höchstens ein Mal im Jahr und es ist nicht immer einfach dort - es prallen oft Welten aufeinander, wie man so schön sagt. Aber es gehört zu ihren Wurzeln, gehört zu unserer Familie, ist unsere Familie, deshalb machen wir uns jedes Jahr aufs Neue auf diese mühsame Reise.
    Alles Liebe. maria