Tuesday, March 20, 2012

it's official now!

So it is really here....Spring! So fresh, so new, so full of life...so long awaited...brings light, colour, scent...it is everything now, it is everything we needed, we wanted....it is life, new life, our life....

And it is time of changing, of making place for new....warm winter things have to make place for the summer things, for colours, patterns....I am ditching, I am mucking out and it feels really good right now...I feel like we are having too much, I feel there are too many things around us, I really want to own less...I think I do not need all that stuff...I have all I need...I have them...and I have my life...


  1. Happy spring to you too!!! I feel just like you, full of sun, full of life. And I love your little daffodil girl, if you don't mind, I will link to it in my post tomorrow because I want to talk about the Jahreszeitentisch which is the book I am "reading" right now.
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Klar, kannst linken. It was a birthday present for my friend - she could not believe I did it on my own. Do you mean that nice book with the same title? That is my inspiration....!

  2. Wunderbar, Frühling! Bei uns wird er auch ganz langsam spürbar! Aber die Narzissen blühen noch lange nicht, glaube ich... hier braucht alles viel Zeit... alles Liebe. maria