Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn Along

~ Two of my favourite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  ~ joining Ginny from Small Things

The Vest is the best!!!!
Yes, it is ready! I did it...! Now I can tell you a story of that vest or maybe more about the yarn I used. My aunt, a sister of my mum, was a wonderful knitter. She made for me and my brother really great things when we were children and it was impossible to buy something like that. Pullovers with our names, overalls etc. When I was about seven she got married and moved out, far away. We have seen her very rarely. It was sad, we had almost no contact to her.
When my grandma died I took from her all knit things my aunt left there. Also that used to be a pullover, very nice one but half of it was already frogged. The yarn is old, with many knots, it was not easy to knit with it, but....
It was really important to me to make something special out of it. My aunt died....three years ago....she was sick, very sick. After years of therapy she gave up, she decided she does not want to live any more. It was April, almost Easter, my mum's birthday....she went to the see and jumped....
My mum does not celebrate her birthday any more and Easter is not the same....this year it is going to be the first time since my aunt's death that we are going to spend both together. And I hope to make it nice, to make it happy again...
It is maybe silly, maybe my aunt would even not remember that yarn but...I do and it does matter to me and I am so glad my daughter likes her new vest, because it is a long story in it...a sad story that I hope to make happy again....

But now I am concetrating on my new project. That jacket... for my little girl.Actually I just wanted to see how does it go with this yarn but....I can't stop knitting.....

And the only brakes I do are to read some pages of my new book...which I just love. It is my first book of Elisabeth Zimmermann but for sure not the last. I so enjoy the way she writes about knitting. So lovely!

Next two weeks we are en route spending time in Poland with our families. But I hope to have some time to knit...what am I saying...of course I am going to find time to knit! And I hope to finish some project that I 4 years ago. I have a plan to take only this yarn and knit only on it so that it is done when I come back...hopefully!


  1. What a beautifully meaningful story! I am so glad you were able to finish the vest! It looks so wonderful on your daughter. Enjoy your trip to Poland.

  2. ♥ the vest is wonderful...and your daughter is so sweet (I love the amber necklace)! Such a sad story of your aunt. When those in our lives have touched us in a way that we want to remember, we have to focus on that and tell our children what great things they did...I hope you have a wonderful Easter and can make your mum cheery...especially with that little darling around.

  3. The vest looks great, I love the colour....Have a wonderful time with your family in Poland :)

  4. such a lovely story, making something beautiful out of something sad. wonderful. the vest is darling and so is your little girl. have fun visiting your family.