Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn Along

~ Two of my favourite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  ~ joining Ginny from Small Things was a very difficult week....Two ill little ones at home, good weather outdoor...and no chance to enjoy it...we were like staying at home all the weekend and playing, reading, cooking... but, really, we were just doing nothing. And it felt quite good....

I have knitted these socks for my mother... it is her birthday soon...and because she is like really freezing all the time... here they are... her bed- socks!
Pattern: Land Lust 6/11
 Yarn: Alaska  DROPS

And no, the vest is not ready....I had to start is really annoying when you have to unknitt what was already done, because of such a stupid thing was too small (wink)...
Unknitting or frogging (but in this case it sounds too funny for me) is a strange makes you think, think about your failures, think about yourself, about leaving it and starting something new, about giving up this whole knitting....but then, you realize you WANT to do it once again, you want to show you can do it, you want to cope with problems and! Unknitting is giving us a makes us stop, rearrange, learn helps us practise our patience....

Reading is really something that makes my family happy! We have plenty of books in few languages and our kids are growing up in readers atmosphere. So it could just not be different...they just love books! And what is better you can do when you are ill, your nose is full, you have sore throat and your head seems like too explode any second? You read! No, you make your mum read!Or your dad of course!

I found this book at the last flea is like new and it is such a nice book. I enjoyed it maybe even more than my daughter. Because it is about life, about looking for something new, something extraordinary and then, it is about going back to where you came from and living your life with passion, love, stronger commitment...

It is a book about everything I really needed this week....


  1. Love the bed socks!

    We've raised readers. (Last one is in high school now.) It is always nice to find books stashed everywhere.

  2. Love the socks :) I am sure they will keep her warm! I was raised in a reading house. And I am trying desperately to raise readers myself. The kids are fighting me though ;)

  3. Oh I saw that sock pattern in the Landlust and liked it so much. But socks are still another issue for me, so cable socks are just one thing too much... :-) The more I admire yours!!! So cosy.
    Jaja, und diese Schätze vom Flohmarkt, was gibt es Schöneres, gell... Und dann noch so ein tolles Kinderbuch, hab ich noch nie von gehört, hört sich aber wunderbar an, ich muss mal schauen, ob es das noch gibt.
    Liebe Grüße,

  4. Love the color of the vest, too bad you had to reknit it. I hope everyone is healthy now and that you are having nice enough weather to be sitting outside!! Have fun knitting!

  5. I really love the vest colour!

  6. what a lovely post and such true words about learning patience and perservence. knitting is so wonderful on so many levels. love all your knits and REALLY wish i had the bedsock pattern.

  7. Ein lesendes Kind! Was gibt es Schöneres?